5 Steps You Need To Take To Find Money For The Deal

Our guest today, Dave Dubeau — marketer and real estate entrepreneur, has the 5 step solution to attract investors and raise capital so you can get the deal done!

In 2010, Dave seller-financed rent-to-owns but hit a wall when he ran out of cash and credit with the perfect tenant/buyer ready to go. He found the adage, “find a good deal and the money will find you” was not true the case for him. After several failed attempts to raise the capital, he ultimately lost out on the deal and told himself he was not going to let that happen again.

Join us on today’s show as Dave hands us an umbrella and shows us how to prepare before you actually need the money by warming up your sphere of influence with these five steps:

  • Build a target list of prospective investors from your contact list
  • Reconnect with people on a personal level before talking business
  • The transition message from personal to business
  • Constant, consistent, communication
  • Be seen as an authority

Listen in as Dave dives deep into each process and how to prepare so you can go into every deal with the money already lined up. Then, find of which of those steps Scott challenged him on and so much more on this episode of The Art of Passive Income!

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