Are You Looking For Practical Ways To Become Financially Independent?

On this week’s episode of The Art of Passive Income, Mark and Scott welcome real estate investor, best-selling author, professional speaker, former financial advisor, and business owner, Rachel Richards to the show.

Rachel Richards is a real estate investor, best-selling author, professional speaker, and business owner. She began investing in real estate in 2017 and currently owns 35 rental units. At age 27, Rachel is already retired and living off a five-figure monthly passive income stream.

Richards published her first book, “Money Honey: A Simple 7-Step Guide for Getting Your Financial $hit Together,” in 2017. It has been sold and downloaded over 10,000 times and has over 400 five-star reviews on Amazon. Her book “Money Honey” is a sassy and humorous take on personal finance that has resonated with female millennials.

In her newest book, “Passive Income, Aggressive Retirement,” Rachel dives deep into the topic of passive income and financial independence. She explains why building self-sustaining income streams is so brilliant and doable for anyone and everyone. She outlines 28 different passive income models and how to start creating them.

Listen in as they discuss:

  • How Rachel got started in finance at a young age
  • The model she currently uses
  • Tips and advice to achieve a lifestyle that suits you
  • The nest egg theory
  • Practical steps to financial independence
  • Three things people lack when venturing into something new

“ Go from a scarcity mindset to an abundant mindset knowing that you can have the best of both worlds if you increase your income” ~ Rachel Richards

Rachel also shares some of the worst advice she has heard given to millennials in her area of expertise.


Mark: My tip of the week is to learn more and check out Rachel Richard’s books, programs, and blogs at

Scott: Check out, it’s a TikTok for Real Estate!

Rachel: My tip is one of my all-time favorite books called The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ Demarco, it really helps shift my mindset and to be able to see the world not from the consumer perspective but from a producer perspective, snd how entrepreneurship can help you build massive wealth. So it’s an eye-opening book and it also has some income ideas, I highly recommend that one.


Did you like this episode? If so, tune into another one of our exciting episodes with special guest Kirk Chisholm as we discuss how to be innovative in the world of wealth management.

Isn’t it time to create passive income so you can work where you want, when you want and with whomever you want?




I help people build a massive passive income stream utilizing the safest investment on earth—land. Get my FREE Passive Income Blueprint

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Mark Podolsky

Mark Podolsky

I help people build a massive passive income stream utilizing the safest investment on earth—land. Get my FREE Passive Income Blueprint

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