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Mark Podolsky
2 min readDec 11, 2021


On this week’s episode of The Art of Passive Income, Mark and Scott welcome Speaker, Podcast Host, Real Estate Investor and Mentor, Sarah Larbi to the show.

Sarah is an invited keynote speaker, coach, real estate investor, and mentor. She is the host of the popular podcast “Where Should I Invest?” where she interviews fellow real estate investors on their specific strategies while providing audiences with valuable insights and actionable tactics for their own real estate goals.

As a real estate investor, Sarah specializes in helping Canadians with homeownership. She has also helped students to grow from acquiring their first property to planning their retirement in approximately 10–15 years. Her results-oriented approach has been featured in The Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, Canadian Real Estate Wealth magazine, and 1010 News Talk Radio and she is often a guest on numerous North American finance-focused podcasts.

Listen in as they discuss:

  • Sarah’s real estate investing strategy
  • The BRRR strategy
  • Knowing when it is time to quit your job
  • Having a mindset shift to be able to do what you love
  • Surrounding yourself with like-minded people
  • Getting over the fear that’s holding you back

And, more!

Sarah also shares her first real estate deal experience and what she would have done differently if she was handling that same deal today.


Mark: My tip of the week is going to help you go deep so learn more, go to

Scott: For email marketing, check out, have a free plan and then from one thousand people you can upgrade to five thousand people.

Sarah: We provide real estate investing education for free, go on They can go to forums, marketplace and they can build your team that way, there are tons of great things. And keep doing what you’re doing, like podcasts, and how I really learn is along the way as well. Educate yourself and take action. The perfect deal is not perfect on purchase, you can make it really awesome along the way. So get some decent deals, make them great and keep going.


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Isn’t it time to create passive income so you can work where you want, when you want and with whomever you want?



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