Five Years Into His Land Journey, Jim Lala Gives Back as a Coach

Mark Podolsky
1 min readSep 2


Jim is back on the AOPI podcast! Listen as the latest Land Geek coach shares his five-year journey and how he’s giving back to the community.

Jim digs in on:

  • How he started land investing as a side hustle.
  • How his passion for entrepreneurship played a big part in his land business.
  • What he did to get better over time.
  • How he became famous with his customer service.
  • Hitting his passive income numbers.
  • What things he could have done differently.

Jim also shares his story about his favorite deal.



The Jocko Podcast!


My Tip of the Week is checkout Jim’s website at and a business book by BJ Fogg called Tiny Habbits.

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