Get The Team Land Geek Take on Top Technology Tools for Your Business

Mark Podolsky
2 min readAug 26


Today the team is talking technology tools. How many do you need? Which are the best? The group discusses.

Joining Mark are the skeleton crew of:

  • Teria Harris
  • Tate Litchfield

Some things they consider:

  • How to think about tools
  • When to implement them
  • How to overcome “shiny object syndrome”

Then, the team jumps right in to share their favorite TOOL of the week.


My favorite tool is Slack. I can keep my finger of pulse on the business with Slack. I can watch my team communicate in Slack.

Tate: The tool we use the most is LG Pass. It’s a Land Geek tool, but I helped develop it. That’s why I’m in it all the time. I’m in it right now. Other tools I really like are Zapier and Who doesn’t like getting said? Geelpay solves that problem.


My tool is a shinier object. I just saw it and got all excited about it. It isScribe AI.It automatically creates user guides and SOPs for any business process. I haven’t tried it to know that it works and don’t get this if you don’t have a problem with documentation.


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