Helping Land Owners Build Equity by Implementing Sovereign Food Systems

Mark Podolsky
1 min readFeb 24, 2024

In this episode of the Art of Passive Income Podcast Mark sits down with sustainable land expert and co-founder of Abundant Acres Sonia Gomez.

Mark and Sonia discuss:

  • What is sustainable land?
  • What is a food forest?
  • What is a sovereign food system?
  • How to increase the value of land.
  • Sonia’s recent case study.
  • How much work is needed to get it done?

Sonia also covers why land investing, land ownership, and developing sovereign food systems are the new legacy plays.


Sonia: Tap in with your family and check in with your vision board. Also, check out

Mark: Learn more about Sonia Gomez and her mission at


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