How Gregg Sipe Quit His Corporate Job to Pursue Land Investing

Mark Podolsky
1 min readOct 14, 2023

On this episode of the Art of Passive Income podcast, Mark talks with Gregg Sipe, a Flight School graduate to learn what value the program has brought to him and his land business.

Gregg’s story features:

  • How he stumbled across land investing
  • What made him quit his corporate job
  • Why his first deal is still his favorite deal
  • What his most important asset is
  • The advantages of hiring a VA
  • How he lost his Facebook account
  • His biggest fear coming into Flight School
  • His future plans for the land business

Plus Gregg’s advice to those who wants to get into the land business.



It’s a book called The Selling Formula by Brian Robinson. It’s about a salesman working for a major corporation. Ended up going out on his own, but he was a top seller at his company. He’s got some great advice in there about selling, helped me to be able to better connect with my customers.


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