How to Break Free from Your Email Box with Yaro Starak

Team Land Geek gains some insightful knowledge from Yaro Starak’s lengthy career as a serial entrepreneur.

Yaro is the co-founder of, an email management company.

Yaro has made 30+ angel investments in tech startups including LeadIQ, FitBod, Steezy and Nutrisense, has property investments in Canada and Ukraine, and in partnership built a 3.6MW solar farm.

During the mid-2000s Yaro sold his first company,, then built an online education business, Blog Mastermind, selling over $2 Million of his books and online courses, as he traveled the world, living in 26 different cities.

Yaro has been featured in Sky News, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post, Business Insider, Foundr and hundreds of media outlets and events.

Episode Notes:

Joining Mark this episode are:

  • Scott Bossman

Yaro shares his story and career including:

  • How he got started as an entrepreneur

As a digital nomad, Yaro also discloses–out of all the places he’s been–where he would choose to permanently live and work?



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