How To Build An Effective Team For Your Business

On this week’s round table episode, we are switching things up a little. With the majority of the Land Geeks away, Scott Bossman hosts this week’s roundtable along with Erik Peterson and special guest Matthew Forbes.

Listen in as they go around the table and discuss the topic “How to Build a Team For Your Business.” They each highlight effective approaches you can take to build a great team if you are getting started in the land business. Tune in to hear more!


Scott: is one tip of the week, but there’s another one that is also good for a tip of the week. You may have to be a MAC user for this, there’s an app called Session ( This is an app for time management, it’s kind of a Pomodoro tool that enables you to segment your day. Let’s say you have something on your priority list like county research and you need to sit down and spend or focus time on county research for 25 minutes today. When you go to your timer you can block out all the other apps on your computer: type in county research, set your timer for 25 minutes, and there you go, you can focus time. You can segment your day and at the end of the day, you can see where you spent your time. It does integrate with your calendars as well.

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