How To Get Beautiful Images For Your Listings And Do You Need Them?

On this week’s roundtable episode, the Land Geeks discuss the topic “how to get beautiful images for your listings and do you really need them?”

Joining Mark this week are:

  • Mike Zaino
  • Scott Bossman
  • Erik Peterson
  • Teria Harris
  • Tate Litchfield
  • Scott Todd

Listen in as they go around the table and share how they gather pictures and videos for their listings. They also discuss whether or not pictures are an all-time necessity to market a property and on what occasions can an aerial view or GIS image of the property be used for marketing.


Teria: My tip is for pictures, a website that has a really good quality called, they’re free. You can download them. You can find that they may represent your property as long as you are clear in the property details. Another thing that we’ve done, we had someone go out to the property and take a video of it, and then create pictures from the video. We just run the video and take a screenshot. So we do hire someone to go out and take pictures and videos.

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