How to Maximize Your Passive Income Streams with Antonio Rivodo, CEO of Rivx

Mark Podolsky
2 min readMay 27


In this episode of the Art of Passive Income Podcast we meet Antonio Rivodo and explore the passive income potential with his trucking automation business, Rivx.

With over eight years in business–with expertise in automation, marketing and lead generation–Antonio Rivodo is the CEO of Rivx. Rivx provides passive income opportunities with a done-for-you business model in the trucking and logistics industries.

Episode notes:

Antonio walks the audience through:

  • The definition of trucking automation
  • How he built his business from scratch
  • What are the benefits of investing with Rivx
  • The investment risks and returns
  • A typical monthly P&L
  • The process to get started

Antonio and Mark also discuss hard numbers and the ideal candidate for this business opportunity.



I’m going to give you two things. 1. Find us on social media channels at Rivxautomation. Look at the videos and review the information to educate yourself. Once you understand it, go book a call. 2. I’m doing a live event here on July 6–7 in South Florida called Millions in Trucking. If you are interested in trucking, that’s a great place for you to start.


Learn more about Antonio and go to Check out this app for the iPhone called ClearSpace. It limits your time on email and social media and it allows you to be more intentional with your time, your attention and your relationship with your phone.


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