Is Bartering A Thing In The Land Investing Business?

Mark Podolsky
2 min readSep 26, 2020

In this week’s round table discussion — the Land Geeks discuss bartering as a payment option in land investing.

With some of the usual suspects missing this week, Mark is joined by:

  • Erik Peterson
  • Scott Bossman
  • Tate Litchfield
  • Mike Zaino

Listen in as they go around the table and discuss if they have bartered land in exchange for a product or service. They also share with us what they would barter for in exchange for a piece of land. Tune in to hear more!


Mike: Today’s quote comes from The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi, many business people use this book today because the concepts are universal. This is about becoming new, “When fighting with enemies if you get to feeling you’re snarled up and are making no progress, you toss your mood away and think in your heart that you’re starting everything anew. As you get the rhythm, you discern how to win. This is ‘becoming new’.” So the last part of this, “Anytime you feel tension and friction building up between yourself and others, if you change your mind that very moment, you can prevail by the advantage of radical difference. This is ‘becoming new’.” So, I think if we would insert, rather than enemies, we have our own battles building our business. Many times that we’re working on something and get really frustrating and overwhelming, just step back and take a larger perspective on things, change it up, literally try to think from a different perspective. I think the idea that is important here is you change your perspective, change your view and look at it in a very different way that could bring about the result you’re hoping for.

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