Jeff Dettmer Give Backs to the Land Geek Community as a Coach

Mark Podolsky
2 min readJun 24, 2023


Team Land Geek is welcoming a few new coaches to the team and Mark introduces a podcast miniseries as he goes one on one with each. In this episode, the audience meets Jeff Dettmer, a successful Land Geek graduate who’s been in the business for six years.

Listen to learn:

  • What brought Jeff to the Land Geek
  • His experience in self storage real estate and how it differs from land investing
  • How he scaled his business and the degree of difficulty
  • After six years, how much time he spends on the business and in the business
  • Why he wants to give back to the community by becoming a coach
  • Reoccuring themes he sees students bring up on the Master Mind calls
  • The importance of grit when starting out in land investing

Jeff also shares his favorite land deal and what Mark said to him about it at a live Bootcamp.



My Tip of the Week is an older book called, The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. This is what this business is about. It’s about all the little things you can do to improve your business and life. It’s the baby steps you make to make progress daily and then stacking them to look back to see the mountain you’ve formed in the process.


Go check out Jeff’s business at


Did you like this episode? If so, listen to the interview with the last coach to join the team, Landon. AI. Harris.

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