Kevin Bupp Shares What You Should Know about Parking Lot Investing

Mark hosts recurring podcast guest and niche real estate investor, Kevin Bupp. Learn more about the commercial asset class he’s more recently focused on.

Kevin Bupp leads the strategic vision of Sunrise Capital Investors. As host of two top-ranked real estate investing podcasts, his real estate investment advice has been downloaded millions of times by folks in over 190 countries. With over $250 million of real estate transactions under his belt, his extensive investment experience spans the gamut of apartment buildings, single-family homes, office buildings, parking facilities, raw land, condos, and mobile homeparks. He is the host of the “The Mobile Home Park Investing Podcast” and the “Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow” podcast.

Together Mark and Kevin discuss:

  • What’s changed since they talked?



I’m not going to give you a website, a resource or a book… I’m going to give you something else. We’re in southwest Florida–and were supposed to get hit by Hurricane Ian. I saw a lot of loss in the impact zone to our south. So hug a loved one, tell them you love. Call someone you lost a bond with. Remember the things that matter. Cherish the moment you’re in. Things can be wiped away and change your life in an instant.


Learn how you can invest with Kevin. Go to and grab a free copy of Kevin’s Book, The Cashflow Investor, by going to


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