Learn How To Build and Grow Wealth with Aaron Scott Young

Mark Podolsky
3 min readAug 28, 2021

On this week’s episode of The Art of Passive Income, Mark and Scott welcome the Chief Strategy Officer of entrepreneurs and business owners, Aaron Scott Young to the show.

Aaron Scott Young is a lifelong entrepreneur, trusted advisor, and business owner. He discovered his passion and talent for entrepreneurship early in life, and at age 18, he formed a recycling company in Portland, Oregon. He grew the company to 5,000 customers before selling it to become one of the first cellular phone dealers in Portland.

For over 34 years, his garnered experiences from founding, acquiring, and directing multi-million dollar businesses as well as working as an officer for a publicly traded, multi-national company, have set him apart from the crowd as a trusted advisor of knowledge and authority.

Today, Aaron is the CEO of Laughlin Associates, a pioneer in the incorporation industry that has helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs start, grow and profit from their business. He has made it his life’s work to arm other business owners with success formulas that immediately provide exponential growth and protection for their business.

Listen in as they discuss:

  • Aaron’s journey to developing wealth.
  • Elements of a strong and successful business.
  • What you need to grow your business.
  • Qualities of a successful entrepreneur.
  • Formulas to incorporate into your business.

And, more!


Mark: My tip of the week is going to be about reinforcing real wealth; not to solve your money problems, solve your time problems, and become an unshackled business owner. Learn more, go to aaronscottyoung.com.

Scott: My tip is a book called Dare to Lead: Brave Work, Tough Conversations, Whole Hearts by Rene Brown.

Aaron: At the beginning of the year, I go back either re-read or re-listen to The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason. The principles taught in the Richest Man in Babylon are easy ways to think about how to manage money, debt, relationship, how to look at a long game, and if you look at a long game how to follow a recipe. Here’s a thing, if you follow a recipe don’t get greedy and stupid, just do things that are reasonable. Don’t try to get rich quick, if you’re making 10% 15%, or 20% on an investment that’s great! Celebrate! Don’t think you have to double and triple every year. If you follow a proven recipe and you aren’t greedy, you will be surprised at how fast your wealth grows and you will be amazed at how many people are watching you. When people see you that you’re being responsible and you’re being a little aggressive, you’re not afraid and you’re leading out, but you’re doing things in a smart way and having some success, all of a sudden everybody wants to hitch their wagons to your star because most people have no clue what’s going on, no clue what to do next and they’re desperately seeking guidance. The Richest Man in Babylon gives you all of the foundations to know what to look for, how to act, what to do so you can grow your wealth.

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