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Mark Podolsky
2 min readAug 19


In this episode of the Art of Passive Income Podcast, expert KC Chohan mentors Mark on the secret tax strategies of the elite.

KC Chohan is the Founder of Together CFO, a tax advisory, accounting, and tax preparation firm based in Los Angeles, California. His financial strategies have been the best-kept secret of the elite. He’s an expert on tax strategy and helps high-net-worth families protect their wealth and reduce taxes.

KC is a writer for Forbes Magazine and a professional speaker, who has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, NBC, Yahoo Finance, and Fox News. KC has spoken at many events including Mark Moss’s Market Disrupters event, the Accounting and Finance Conference, The Money Show, the California Association of Business Brokers Annual Conference, and many more.

Episode notes:

Listen as KC gives Mark the tax nuances that you can take advantage of in your business, including:

  • How billionaires pay such low taxes
  • When trusts make sense
  • KC’s top five tax loopholes
  • The most under-used tax loopholes
  • Estate planning and transferring wealth
  • Advice on tax documentation and audits

And more!


KC: Go to our tax-saving community. In there we have three great gifts for you. Look for our Tax Savings Calculator and our Tax Savings mini course.

Mark: Learn more about KC and his expertise and go to


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