The Roadmap To Time Freedom — Destination Passive Income

Our doppelganger guest today is all about helping people get out of solo-economic dependency — if you’re not working, you’re not making money. Even though her target clientele may not be the same, she sings from the same songbook.

Join us as we welcome Sylvie McCracken to the show. Sylvie helps hard-working health professionals harness their drive and take back the wheel to get more out of their practice and their life. Her amazing website is about the analogy of your life being an automobile.

Today, Sylvie throws the car into reverse and takes us on a journey back to the beginning and how it all started with a nutrition blog

That blog ultimately turned into teaching health care professionals how to leave a life chained to their practices and helping people on a one-on-one basis, to taking back their lives while better serving in their field of expertise to reach the masses.

Listen in to find out the details behind:

  • The lawyer approach to time management
  • Her no-sugar coated client approach
  • Time prioritization
  • Categorizing where your time goes
  • What makes a good coach and why you need to lean on them

Sylvie also walks us through a case study where she slowly phased one nutritionist out of the one-on-one client interaction to become a stay at home mom making 30K a month reaching more people through a combination of writing of e-book and a group coaching program.

The reality is it’s not for everyone. There’s nothing passive about setting up a passive income stream. There’s real, rolling up your sleeves, work to be done to set it up and you’ve got to want it bad enough.

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