Wealth Management — Removing The Taboo Behind Money

Mark Podolsky
1 min readOct 12, 2019


Certified Financial Planner, Kathy Longo joins us today to talk about money and relationships and how having those big conversations about money management with your spouse can lead to good financial decisions.

Kathy is also a chartered advisor in philanthropy and a certified divorce financial analyst. With over 25 years of wealth management experience she is the founder and president of Flourish Wealth Management.

Before launching Flourish in 2014, Kathy worked as a wealth manager, financial planner and firm manager in companies of varying sizes in both Chicago and Minneapolis.

Listen in as Kathy removes the taboo behind money and shows us why finances need to become a normal conversation in your household.

We dive deep into:

  • The emotions attached to money
  • The definition of certified divorce financial analyst
  • Talking freely about money and using every day experiences to educate your children

Kathy also advises Scott — the spender, on how to start a productive conversation with his wife — the saver, so that they can build wealth together.

Listen in now to learn more on how to manage wealth and Flourish Financially, on today’s episode of The Art of Passive Income!



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