What You Need To Know To Make Successful Online Courses, Podcasts, and More

Our guest today is a computer programmer, a marketing genius, the host of The Marketer Of The Day and the author of WWHWY What, How to, What If. Join Mark and Scott as they welcome Robert Plank to the show.

Robert Plank is a computer programmer, a membership site designer, a podcaster and an internal marketing strategist. His mission in life has resulted in the generation of systems, designed to ensure that your book, podcast and online course are the best.

With these systems in place, you now have the opportunity to become a published author within 12 hours, set up a membership site in one day and create a blog or podcast in five minutes or less.

Listen in today as they discuss:

  • How to become a published author in 12 hours
  • How to start your own membership site
  • The skills needed to create a successful business
  • How to effectively assess your competitors

It’s really important that we find these things that we are good at, that we enjoy, that people want and that makes money ~ Robert Plank


Mark: My tip of the week is learn more about Marketing, Creating a Podcast, Writing a book, Making a Membership Site, and anything you want to do go to robertplank.com.

Scott: Check out this book by Robert Iger called The Ride of the Lifetime, this guy transformed the Walt Disney company.

Robert: You can get my book at wwhwbook.com; I have a really easy tip, I found a speech by an MIT Professor named Patrick Winston and he said “Build a fence around your idea”, it talks about how do we stand out and do sort of things but think a way where you can alienate some people and you can differentiate or maybe explain your idea.

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