Why the Rich Are Getting Richer Using A Tax Strategy With Tom Wheelwright

Mark Podolsky
2 min readOct 28, 2023


In this episode of the Art of Passive Income Podcast Mark once again sits down with Tax expert Tom Wheelwright. Tom is known for making taxes fun, easy and understandable and specializes in helping entrepreneurs and investors build wealth through practical and strategic ways that permanently reduce taxes.

Mark and Tom discuss:

  • Why are the rich getting richer?
  • Why is tax strategy so important?
  • Tax incentives.
  • Advice on how to be wealthy.
  • Tax benefits on raw land.
  • Good debt vs Bad debt
  • How to incentivize your taxes?
  • Worst advice about taxes today.

Tom also covers how the entrepreneurs and investors can know what they need to do to reduce their taxes by using a software to analyze their tax returns.


Tom: It’s a book called 10x Is Easier than 2x: How World-Class Entrepreneurs Achieve More by Doing Less by Dan Sullivan

Mark: Learn more about Tom Wheelwright and wealthability at tomwheelwright.com


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